Saturday, 11 October 2008

A week off?

And time to get some work done...ermmm hang on thats not right?

Am going to get my spare room decorated in time for Bina,Jodie, Danni and Keiran's visit at the end of the month...Been prepping the walls for ages now so hopefully this is the last big push to get it all done.
I also have to nip to Ikea this week sometime after the paper is up and buy a bed though I'm thinking a futon is going to be more useful as the spare room is also my office and I won't really be having people to stay that often.

In programming news, it looks like my next project is moving towards a green light so will try to get a few days to myself to get my DS Dev kit set up again and start adding to my game engine in readiness for the work. Due to the fact I can't work full time on a project now I've asked some colleagues and even a few of my students if they want to help out so we can form a small loose team, which will be fun I think :)

But I mustn't count chickens, I've long since learned that until you get that 1st cheque in the bank a project is never certain. And this one could fade away at any point.


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