Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Nothing to report move along please

Nope, nothing new, aside from an annoying pimple on my bum getting aggravated by my bicycle seat....not want to know about that? No..ok then, probably wise.

Been a nice quiet weekend, spent most of the weekend snoozing....I'm enjoying this new working life style with this strange new "time off" concept.
Though with idle hands and mind, and less and less decorating to do I have noticed that I am drinking far too much....The flat is starting to fill up with empty wine bottles and even a couple of scotch bottles waiting to go to the bottle bank...Thats probably a little too much, so am going to limit myself to a bottle an hour from now on...it'll be hard but I'm shure I can hic.

There's a weeks holidays next week, a chance to get all the last little bits of decorating sorted before the 2 parts of my family descend on my now seemingly quite small apartment (5 people in 3 rooms).

Still looking forward to it though, just so long as they don't drink all my booze.


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