Saturday, 28 February 2009

Back in the Netherlands

Cooo eeeeee

Am back, had a wonderful 2 weeks with Bina, 1 here and 1 in the UK during Breda's Carnivale but was really nice to be part of a couple again like that.

Some major issues with my Step Daughter did bring a few storm clouds to the week. Like most teens she's going through a lot of changes and emotions run high a lot of the time. I won't bore anyone with the details, she hurts me more and more each time I see her and I worry more and more that she's going to get lost in her attempts to defy any attempts to keep her safe from harm.

Kids....wasn't like this in my day....was it?

(warning mum...this is tech...look away)
Work is slipping badly though, we've had huge problems with our SVN server and have not been able to integrate our code for well over a week. Dino's out of the country at the moment with limited/no Internet, so I'm going to have to work alone for the weekend to try to put everything I've done the last week or so together into a co-hesive demo. Not helped at all by the fact that my 1st attempts to update once SVN came back on line resulted in errors about clashes and conflicts making it unable to do the updates from my laptop.

Why does technology let you down like this...99% of the time it sits there doing exactly what you need it to do, then when things get a bit manic and urgent the damn stuff breaks down and costs you lots of time and makes you look like a total plonker to customers.
I think I will just have to dump a new local copy to my PC then copy my laptop stuff over to that to restore the functionality...failing that....ermmm I dunno...lets hope it does not come to anything else? I'm sure just replacing the files its complaining about with new files from my laptop will resolve it.

Going to take several hours to dump an new local though....going to set it up then go do some shopping!


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