Sunday, 1 March 2009

March already?

Yup there is no doubt as you get older time slips by so much faster. Its March.....March!! I only just recovered from the Hogmanay hangover and its March....Spring is springing, people are starting to wear lighter clothes and that big yellow thing in the sky...which is currently more of a big white thing really, is actually starting to give out some heat.

Really amazing to see the trees here starting to bud and the crocus and snowdrops begin to appear. I'm really looking forward to the summer here in Breda. I caught the middle/end of it last year and it was like stepping back in time to Scotland in the 70's.

Lots to look forward to, lots. :D

Work wise...disaster...the svn conflicts were very hard to resolve, probably cos I wasn't doing them right but either way I lost a couple of files in the process. Dammit. I have partial backups but its still a pain I will have to spend a late night getting everything back in and probably several long sessions over the next week to try to catch up. Dammit I hate getting behind.

My client, Harry is a lovely patient fella but like all clients he wants to see his product and we've got nothing to show for the last 10 days or so due to this idiotic issue...gotta get something in there today or my balls will be part of a programmer kebab recipe he has planned.


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