Monday, 23 February 2009

A crack of light in the storm clouds?

Develop just posted an interesting article here. A Senior Nintendo bod Tom Prata, has said he wants to encourage more independent developers to jump on the DSi and Wii ware bandwagon.

Now as I've pointed out in the past,CLICK HERE MUM there are already hundreds of experienced independent developers out there champing at the bit to make Nintendo games. But Nintendo don't allow them to..

Why...becuase they work from home.

So if Mr Prata really wants to see more independent developers take up the challenge, the solution is very simple. Drop the no home office rule.

I've sent an email to the developer relations manager at Nintendo asking if I can have direct contact with Mr Prata, I hope we can talk, it'll be an interesting conversation. I doubt very much I'll be given any great insight into their plans but if there's even the remotest possibility I can plant a seed of sense I have to give it a go.

Others are of the same mind


hah, got nowhere. Why am I not surprised.


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