Monday, 21 July 2008

It's not fair

Getting too personal on this blog, time for some work related stuff.

I'm a Nintendo registered developer on the DS, in my own name. Not too many people can say that, usually it's companies only who get that status.
It happened more by accident than design I suppose, I did have my own company when I applied for it and then got it, but when that company died I transferred the status to my own name.
Either way it didn't cause a problem with Nintendo, and I frequently boast about being one of the few individual registered game developers, its a source of pride for me. I make no secret of the fact I work from home producing DS games and clients don't mind and so far Nintendo don't mind.

But, I'm not a Wii developer, why? Because I work from home! Its a standard policy of the Wii Developer Status application, that your work address should not be the same as your home address... I'm not even allowed to apply for that status and if I do, and get a no, I have to wait 6 months before I re-apply.

Now to my mind that's absurd, I'm a legitimate one man business, registered with the tax office, paying my NI and stuff, and more importantly producing DS projects for the last 4 or 5 years (and other Nintendo projects for 15 years or so before that).

But as far as Nintendo are concerned I'm not a suitable candidate for Wii developer status????

This sucks. It sucks becuase I want to work on the Wii, its a nice machine, I've helped out a few people on it and it is really cool, I've had access to the docs and so on via a tiny developer in a rented office who needed me to do a few weeks work for them. (Incidently they have since gone bump and who know's what happened to their dev kits, but I know one of the 3 "directors" is operating as a freelance contractor...on Wii....I may investigate further)

I own one, I like it, I want to work on it. I can't....this isn't as clear cut as my Iphone pain, this is worse. Nintendo won't allow me to be a Wii developer.

Because I work from home!

That simply isn't fair! It not only prevents hundreds of legitimate contractors from working on the Wii, it makes a mockery of their claim that the Wii is a more indie developer friendly platform.

As a proven contractor with considerable history and expereince, I'm essentially not allowed to buy the tools of my trade becuase I choose to work from home. Can you imagine a plumber walking into a hardware store...

Plumber : 'Ello. I wish to register a purchase.

Plumber: 'Ello, Miss?

Owner : (turning around, very angry) What do you mean, "miss"?

Plumber: I'm sorry, I have a cold.

Plumber: I wish to purchase a spanner.

Owner: Oh yes sir, what kind of spanner.

Plumber: I wish to purchase one of your fine Wii Spanners, having had considerable success with the smaller DS spanner I feel it is time I moved up to the bigger level.

Owner: Indeed, can I see your certificate of accreditation of entryship into the hallowed Wii Developers Club?

Plumber: My what?

Owner: Are you registered with Nintendo Sir, y'see you have to be registered before you can buy anything from the Nintendo Shelf. Its policy y'see.

Plumber: Look here my good man. Did I not already inform you not half an hour ago that I have had considerable success with the DS Spanner.

Owner: Oh yes, the ah, the DS, remarkable spanner the DS, isn't it,eh, Beautiful spanner.

Plumber: The DS Spanner don't enter into it, I can't develop on the Wii with it.

Owner: Yes that right you need the Wii Spanner for that, have you got your certificate? It's Policy y'see sir, can't sell you a Spanner without a certificate cant even let you see it without a certificate. Policy y'see. So can I see your certificate?

Plumber: For the Wii?

Owner: Yes...the Wii, not the DS, the DS don't count y'see.

Plumber: (turning head away sheepishly and muttering ) ermm no, I work from home

Owner: Excuse me Sir, what was that, you have a gnome?

Plumber: (puffing himself up and facing the owner) no I said, I work from home.

Owner: Ah well that explains it then, sorry but I can't sell you a Wii Spanner you're not allowed to take them home. Policy y'see.

Plumber: Not Allowed? (voice rising) Not allowed to take them home, why not?

Owner: (sharply with rising assurance) Security!

Plumber: What do you mean “Security”.

Owner: Well y'see Nintendo don't think that your home is especially secure, y'know with people wandering around and stuff asking ohhh whats that, can we pirate some games and stuff.

Plumber: But that’s absurd, I have a locked office at home and no one gets in.

Owner: Nope sorry, I can't help you, come back in 6 months. Policy y'see.

Plumber: But..

Owner: 6 Months. (owner turns back and puffs smugly on cigarette

Plumber But?

Owner: .....

Plumber: (deflated,turns and walks away)


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