Sunday, 26 July 2009

1 Year later

Well Its been a year since I left Bradford to come live here in Breda, and its been probably one of the best, most relaxing, most life affirming, exciting years of my life.

I'm living in an incredible town, in a wonderful country, largely away from the economic problems of the rest of the world, with lovely people, great job, and to top it all off I can get pork scratchin.....oh no..I mean Bina is here with me and loving it every bit as much as I am. Even Jodie, is starting to get a feel for the place, though not quite ready to admit it.

When I first took the job I was very uncertain. Moving to a new country, changing careers etc, these things are huge changes, but I realize now I needed those changes to give my life some meaning and content. I feel happier and more confident in the future than at any time ever.

I had originally thought I'd give it a year or 2 and go back to the UK, but now I honestly can't see me leaving here..if I lost the job tomorrow (not too likely I hope) I'd find something, anything else to stay here. Its just that amazing.

Its hard to pinpoint, really you can't, because you just end up detailing all the faults that the UK has and thats not productive. The Netherlands has faults too, but I just find myself accepting them easier than the UK.

The sense of social responsibility is probably the biggest plus for me, people still have and respect manners and there's a sense of moving forward for the good of all rather than self self self me me me.

Anyway...gotta go, am down to the last 30 bugs on my project and hope to complete them tonight. Bina's coming back from the UK tomorrow and I want to have the decks cleared so we can enjoy our 2 or 3 weeks by ourselves while Jodie is in the UK with her Dad.

tot ziens.


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Neil Rennison said...

Great to hear that you're loving life in Breda. Best wishes for the forthcoming year too sir! All the best to your good self, Bina, and Jodie.