Wednesday, 1 July 2009

From Barrel to 6 pack in......well this lifetime would be good!

Yup, its that time..the midlife crisis has hit, I'm looking at Harley Davidson's and thinking more about how comfy they are rather than how fast. I can totally see the sense in buying a 3.5litre 2 seater Porsche, and I've joined a gym.

Well we all have actually, both as part of the getting to know people and to deal with the fact I can no longer see my knob when I look down...Yes that point has been reached..despite being blessed with a tree trunk* of a member the old beer barrel is in the way...So I have to aim from memory when I pee (luckily, I have a good memory and practiced peeing a lot in my youth) time to fix it.

Oh that and Bina's constant nagging about how chubby I'm getting has prompted me to finally take the plunge.

We started tonight by having a go at the local badminton club. New rackets and trainers were purchased and off we cycled up to run around for an hour or so chasing a shuttlecock.

Now the funny thing is, that having been here nearly a year now, and getting in lots of cycling..I'm actually pretty fit, despite my lack of knob visuals, and occasional WC floor splashes, and it was Bina who was suffering from exhaustion and had to take a break every 10 mins just as I was warming up.

Ha...and I thrashed her in the 2 competitive games. I roooool.

Tomorrow will be different though..we have to do the assessment session at the gym to work out our programs...I of course want to have a body of a Greek God in 2 weeks, I don't think I will have the patience to wait much more than that...Also if they can supply that in the form of a milk shake or 1 off injection, I'll be right there.

oh yes....this fitness lark...I'm going go sail through it........probably.


* well maybe a Bonsai?


Colin McNulty said...

Checkout if you want to loose the flab fast. After 6 months I dropped 7 inches off my waist and lost 40% of my body fat. A short testimonial I wrote for my local gym ages ago is here:

And see my before and after pics here:

Boring old Fart said...

I knew as soon as I posted it, you'd be pimping your crossfit thing ;)

I'm not aiming for quite such a dramatic effect...just need to stop the splashes ;)

Colin McNulty said...

Only cos it works. :-p