Saturday, 11 July 2009

that was odd

Logging into my blog there for some reason my password failed, I had to reset it...hope its not been hacked I'll have to have a look through and see if all my little comments and thoughts have been altered.

So...not much to report this week. We had a few meetings at uni to close up the academic year, followed by a couple of BBQ's and drink sessions, was all very nice.
Now officially starting 6 weeks of paid holiday...:D yes...6 weeks. Academia is awesome.

The DS project is giving me absolute hell, a seemingly simple issue with the eeprom system on the carts simply refuses to work, and the longer I spend on it the more the bug list is growing and the deadline looms ever closer. I'm losing motivation but must keep going as we're very close to the end.

I had my 1st Dutch lesson this week to, Bina asked a lady from work who gives language lessons to come over and break us in was hard. I mean really hard, the precision of pronunciation is just mad. And Dutch is one of those languages that sounds nothing like it is written.

We're going to struggle with this I fear, but we are quite determined to acquire some basic skills so we'll push on with our weekly lessons and homework. At least its the 3 of us trying, it would be too easy to give up if it was just one.

We were going to drive over to Cologne today, we had a weekend away booked and theres a festival of lights there culminating in a big firework display that Bina really wanted to see. But finances have taken a bit of a hit after paying for the Turkey holiday we have booked in August, so we're going to stay at home...which for me is just as well I have to get this eeprom issue fixed and I'd have been fretting about it all weekend if I had gone.

Anyway....better crack on...eeprom bugs won't fix themselves.


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