Saturday, 18 July 2009

on me own :(

Bina and Jodie are in the UK, Bina for a week and Jodie for 3 weeks or so staying with her dad. So I have the place to myself for the 1st time in months....odd..very odd sensation.

At long last the DS project is in the final stages, the bug list has stopped growing exponentially, and it looks like a couple of good days can clear out the last few bugs and see it gone. So I'm taking the rare chance of being able to sit around in my underwear and work for 20hours at a time to get it done..After all I don't want to miss out on the summer by coding all the time. Its either that or I'm going to go out drinking every night....hmmmm

Weather here in the Netherlands has been amazing the last couple of weeks but today we finally have some rainy weather which is quite pleasant after days and days of sweltering.

We have a cooling system here in the apartment, basically the underfloor heating system will pump chilled water rather than hot to act as a cooler..but its useless, really, and we pay for this, so I've written to the company asking to have this service terminated as its useless.

In truth I'm just hoping they will send someone out to explain to me the very complex control system they have..I mean I'm a computer programmer, I work with complex hardware all the time, but my heating system...oh its like one of those new videodisctaperecorder things........oh dear..another symptom of age...maybe I should go find a 5 yo to explain my heating system.


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