Friday, 19 February 2010

Bargain time

Ohhh I love ebay....I especially love ebay when people don't put full detailed descriptions of the items they are selling which causes people to pass by and ignore them.

As a result I spotted a fairly unassuming ad for a Gibson Gothic Explorer on ebay. These are the premier heavy metal guitars much favoured by Metallica and many others for that hard heavy bass driven metal rhythm sound....The price was about average for such a guitar, but what was amazing was he didn't really mention the type of pickups he'd had specially fitted.. A pair of very expensive active EMG's set up in the Zak Wylde configuration (no I know, its all gobbledeygook unless you like guitars) had he done so he would have had people chasing it big time, so I put in a modest bid for it...and won :). Got it for slightly less than a standard Explorer that age would cost and considerably less for an explorer with those p'ups

I now have a really nice 2001 Explorer with kick ass pickups. This though is something I will probably not keep for long, I'm not really a metal thrasher kinda guitar player so I'll hang on to it for a bit then resell it at a hopefully tidy profit. I already have a couple of people interested who just need time to save I'll have a tinker with it to experiment then sell it on


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