Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Inner Child

Y'know the daft bugger who does what ever it wants when there's no adults around to make it behave.

Well its been up all night programming on the Iphone and occasionally playing games.

All night!!!

I'm too bloody old to have an inner child, I need to find my inner grumpy old man who likes his cocoa and goes to bed at 10.

Anyway, been working through a book on IPhone coding and got a bit engrossed, though a lot of it still makes no sense to me, I am hopeful that it will click soon. Objective C (the language used by Apple) is very odd stuff, I kinda get it, but have spent most of my time trying to write standard C/C++ to avoid doing it. I don't think that ultimately this is productive, The Iphone OS uses ObjC so I might as well just knuckled down and get used to it......though since the point of this is to port some stuff written in C++, I probably should just do my usual, go for what works easiest approach.

Oh well, its 7.51 now..I better take the dog for a walk, then put my head down for a bit, before I start chapter 8.


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