Monday, 8 February 2010

oh c'mon...thats not bloody fair

So after finally getting rid of my cough...I have flu.

thanks fate...thanks a bloody bundle.

We went to see our collegue Ken play with the Breda Symphonia orchestra yesterday. It was nice to get out and listen to some live music, even classical, which is not really Bina's thing, but I like to dabble sometimes. Considering Ken has only been playing Oboe for 3 years its quite remarkable that he had his debut so soon.

The post gig party at Kens was a lot of fun and much wine and cheese was consumed, resulting in a rather drunken Beatles singalong (you really had to be drunk to put up with my oooooo's).

Good night had by all...but feeling crappy when I got up with Bina's flu from last week taking hold.

Next week is Carnival here, and I am having to have a think about a costume (its traditional to dress up while getting rat arsed pissed!!!) Ken and others are going dressed as Smurfs..........I really don't know what to think about that while sober!!!


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