Friday, 26 February 2010

Happiness is a Guitar called Lucille

The Explorer arrived safe and sound today, very nice guitar and I will enjoy getting a bit of metal practice done on that before I sell it on. I was planning to take it to our semi monthly jam session tonight, but I didn't have a suitable bag for it's very strange shape. I will have to look into that.

So I went with Lucille, giving her her 1st time out and she was lovely played at high volume, very cool. Sadly only 1 other IGADer turned up for the Jam, we were expecting a few others but transport, sickness and other issues meant we were on our own which was a shame after so much practice performing cheesy guitar ballads. I had just about got More than A Feeling worked out and wanted to try it out with others..But in the end I spent the evening showing Ozzy (who turned up ) how do handle the 6th string mute on the root 5th powerchords...Still it was fun and I did finally nail that intro riff.

some pics.
A strangly familiar looking fat bloke in need of a haircut, with an amaizng guitar he can barely play

Ozzy's 1st Electric guitar...he's so proud :D


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