Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Breaking nails

I have got pink nail varnish on my thumbnail..I feel like a plonker...but I had to take emergency repair action when the nail on my thumb...which is quite long for guitar playing purposes, snapped almost clean off at the top of my thumb, 3/4's of its width hanging off...this a few days after I cracked another nail further down the nail bed but its stable.

Since I need that nail next week when I am off for a weeks intensive guitar lessons I had to take drastic action...Superglue to hold it down..fortunately there was a nice clean ledge to put the nail back, and, nail varnish on top to support it.

All I could find in this house of women was pink sparkly stuff...well there was a bright red hussy shade..and I am not that kind of boy.

So...for the moment at least I have a pink thumbnail...very fetching, I'm sure the ladies can provide some clear version in due course.

But the glue seems to have worked, we'll have to see if it holds up to full playing on the day..I'll take a thumbpick with me just in case.


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