Wednesday, 27 April 2011

IE9 or just blogger messing up

Yesterday was the day of non working computers, mainly becuase my main PC took it upon itself to update Windows 7 with a service pack and also update IE to version 9. I tend to automatically accept updates and with hindsight....

Anyway, after choking on the download for hoours tying up all the bandwidth it eventually went into install mode which somehow locked up the PC totally, even somehow causing the bios to reset itself...arrghhh

The SP1 for Windows seems ok, in fact its a little nippier, but 1st impressesions of IE9 are not great...why take a bit of software everyone is familiar with and change everything??? I will never understand that...but after a bit of twiddling I got it more or less set up to something recognisable though the loss of the favourites bar on the left is idiotic.

One odd thing though is I was unable to post to just refused to publish. Not sure if its still like that as I am posting on my laptop atm, but will check later and see. If indeed that is caused by IE 9 I will have to try and go back to IE8, I'm not pissing about with software that does not actually do its basic job right.


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