Saturday, 16 April 2011

Haw he haw he haw!

I am off to France tomorrow for a Guitar Holiday...nope, I never knew such things existed either! Its a weeks intensive guitar tution with a small group of like minded nutters who spend the days twanging strings, drinking wine and drinking wine, there may also be some wine drinking involved.

Its run by a company called Creative Vacences and I am hoping to attend another course later in the year, perhaps even get Bina to go to one of their Sax courses (I said Sax!)

I'm really looking forward to this, at the vast age of 47 I am about to go on my first ever holiday does that work? Who's going to make sure I packed my underwear?

Nah its cool, Bina is heading off to the UK next week with Jodie and I don't really want to spend time in England(though it would be lovely to see you mum, I think you get fed up with me after 20mins!!!) so the timing of this is nice.

I've not got any work to do, so there's no problem with me taking a week "off", though I do need to keep in touch via email, there's no need to go to the office so I can head off to France and have fun while doing a bit of lecture prep in the evenings over a class of wine....I love my job!!!!

I should have internet access there, so will post updates if I can. Its a long drive though, 8 hours accoring to the sat nav, so more like 10/11 allowing for stops to eat and stuff.

Since its an acoustic course I'll take my Breedlove AC25/SR+ with me, and also my Ovation VXT for a bit of extra silent late night noodling. Also taking my G-Dec amp and of course my Ipad for Amplitube fun with headphones.

If I have any fingers left at the end of this, and I've been damaging my hands all week in the run up to this, so who knows what is going to happen when I am there, there may be some recordings to come this space.



Anonymous said...

No, I don't get fed up with you after 20 minutes!

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