Monday, 25 April 2011

Off the booze for a bit and back to work...for a bit.

A whole week of indulgence in wine and other goodies has taken its toll. I am going to lay off the booze for a bit and give my liver a break.

I have been totally shattered since I came back from France, the long drive won't have helped but the general run down needing a holiday after a holiday feeling is taking a while to shake and I can't help thinking booze has a part to we'll try a couple of we....a week off and see how I feel.

Bina also got back from her break today, pieless I hasten to add, despite my pleadings for her to shove a couple down her knickers to get on the plane...oh well, will have to make our own.

Back to work tomorrow though, for a week, then a weeks holiday :D Oh I love my job.

But am looking forward to getting back in front of my 1st years again after a whole block of non-teaching work, it'll be good to get the juices flowing again.

This block I'm teaching PR4, algorithms and data structures, using Braben and Bell's Elite as a classic example of an alorithm driven game project. Its such a classic game and its absolutly chock full of clever little examples of algorithms to solve problems that they will hopefully learn the importance of using estabished alorithms and data structures as well as developing new ones, without even noticing it as they try to dissect, analyze and emulate one of the greatest games ever.

Also doing Networking HA2 with my 2nd years which will be more challenging as I am not the most informed network programmer around, but I have been doing my research and should be able to explain the basics, which is what we all need to know, in a clear way that will allow those who find it interesting to jump off into more detailed work.


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