Friday, 29 April 2011


I thought I would try a tiny dab of piri piri sauce on a cheeseburger....hmmmmm tasty.

Oh dear god the mouth is still very raw on the right side from the surgery and as soon as the slightest hint of the sauce touched it I could feel the heat...but being a sucker for hot spicy food I thought I'd go through the pain barrier......until the pain barrier turned out to be a solid concrete wall covered in chillie...

Water, Milk, ice, nothing eased it...lucky for me though I still have a bit of lidocane left from when I was having radiotherapy to numb my mouth. It worked.

Now I am scanning google to see which has the shorter half life...lidocane or piri piri sauce, cos if it wears off before the piri piri I'll be screaming again.

ohhhhhhhhh I really hate that I can't eat chillies any more.


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