Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mid Life Crisis

I really need to go buy a porche, after all its compact, reasonably practical and does provide some tangible functions.

Guitars, and various other musical toys....not so much!!

Though having said that, last night we had a jam at the Mezz which found me enjoying my mid life crisis with various other mid life crises sufferers, and it was bloody awesome, even Bina joined in with a few toots on her noise horn? Musically we got into the groove and had the most fantastic time.

But during a bit of a clear up of the play room today, I have all my guitars out on display...and ermm, there's rather a lot, even I am starting to realise I can't honestly say, they all do different things and keep a straight face.

I am a bit obsessive when it comes to my hobbies, and 25 or so guitars proves that; my playing is certainly improving, of that there is no doubt and I am enjoying myself immensely when I twang the strings. Its even evident that I'm starting to hold my own with musicians who are much more accomplished than me, but, I clearly need to stop buying guitars..I did promise myself I'd buy a blueshawk if one came up at a reasonable price, but I think I need to shed a few others before I do that.

To complete my one man band obsession I've bought a cheapo drum machine and some percussion stuff...I can't see me taking up drumming as a hobby though, but we'll see if I can lay down a few tracks soemtime soon. Such a pity that my singing is genuinely terrible, no amount of software or hardware is going to improve my crappy voice, unless I decide to be robot man and autotune the life out of my out of tune wailing.

If I have to part with them all, then at least I can narrow down to 2 the ones I'd keep, Lucille of course...what a guitar..and Gracie, my Ovation VXT, so versatile...the Dark Fire and GS60 are going to be close behind, and the Strats nd Frankie...........hmmm I simply can't choose.. I do have 3 or 4 lesser axes,so maybe I should just sell them and focus on a core of ...20 or so?? :D

GAS...probably the most expensive obsession around...but then again..when you go to a jam and start contibuting meaningful noises with everyone else....its all worth it.


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