Sunday, 1 April 2012

New video

I was recently was blown away by this astonishing video from an artist I did not know but had heard his Higher love cover on an advert and wanted to find him, so glad I did, incredibly beautiful voice for a man siging falsetto.

Is this not amazing...him a guitar and some reverb/

Which of course I found inspiring, though I'm not going to chop my nuts off and attempt a falsetto, I'll stick to the musical side of it, mainly because the chord sequence is so repetative its perfect for a loop. After a bit of practicing and experimenting I came up with this, its not meant to be a perfect copy, just an interpretation of the song, and I still fluffed a few bits, though only 1 is really obvious.

hope you like it. I am stll getting used to my looper so I think I timed it very slightly off but it seemd to fix itself...
hmmm it seems that the video upload on this is either very very very slow or does not actually work....I'll send it to youtube instead.
here you go.


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