Wednesday, 10 July 2013

86.8Kg :D Holidays...time to put on some fat :)

Or not....:D pleased to see the BBQ splurge has left and brought me back under 87kg still a ways to go, but every day I see a small drop and am not starving mad...though I'd kill for some chips/

Holidays have started, barring a staff meeting and BBQ tomorrow to send us on our way, its holiday time :)

I have a few interns to mark, but some of the supervisors have not responded yet but I'll get them in my own time over the next week or so.

Mum, sprog and bro's sprog will be here next week, running me ragged most likely, Brenda is off to do a language course in August, and I'm going to get some coding done on a small PSM game idea I am getting some students involved in.

Oh and recording.. I have been working on something really cool, but just can't quite hit it 100% every time in order to make a recording..this weekend perhaps :D Watch this space.


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