Tuesday, 2 July 2013

88.1kg Marking is over....yeeahh

The sushi and bag of chips and weekend BBQ put back a few pounds as you can tell but I am back on  the diet again hoping to get a  few more Kilo's off before the ladies of my family invade in a couple of weeks.

Its been a few marathon late night sessions of marking this weeke and last, but I have done all the block 4 courses..barring a few errors/appeals...I am free at last. Just some CT2 retakes on Friday and we're done.

Got an uncomfortable meeting on Thursday to deal with a range of student complaints though....hopefully none serious but won't know till then. My grades are are good and feedback usually well above average, just hope my slow grading in previous blocks is not going to come back and bite me.

Looking forward to the break I can tell you.


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