Wednesday, 17 July 2013

87.6 I know...I know...but I have guests

I can't force mum and the Gurrrls to eat what I've been eating so we've been indulging a little bit...I promise to get back to it when they are gone...mind you I'm so busy running around after mum now that I might just fade away anyway. :)

Nah its nice to have the, both groups had terrible delayed flights to Netherlands which made Mondays trip to Schiphol a bit of a waiting game. Mum is not as mobile as she used to be sadly and walking around the terminal begging for loose change as a means of raising funds probably wasn't my best idea.

But I acquired a wheelchair and pushed her around till Steph arrived, and we all headed home, tired and worn out after our early starts and long waits.

I rented a scootmobile, one of those little shopping trikes you see around, for the week, so she can get around with that when we go into town later..

Since the girls were happy to share a bed I've had the attic to myself so was able to practice a bit more on my recordings, even singing to them at one point, only to have Danni accuse me of miming....when playing life....sigh...Nearly ready for a recording.
Also I cut a mighty hole in the attic balcony door, to fit the vent for the air con....oh its lovely having a cool if slightly noisy room in the house ;)

Am currently sat in front of my PC waiting to do an interview with a documentary maker about my time at the Mighty Ocean software many years ago. I have fond but if I'm honest vague memories of my time at Ocean, but will put down as much as I can remember. I'll post links to the documentary when it is released.


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