Thursday, 4 July 2013

Off to London next month

Its the TCE 10th anniversary next month, so am heading off to London for a couple of days celebrations and networking with loads of old and new friends, starting on the 9th August and lasting a few days, depending on the strength of our livers.

I don't pop back to the UK often which means I don't really get a chance to meet up with old if your not on TCE (shhh don't ask...if you don't know I can't talk about it) and fancy a few drinks that weekend, get in touch.

Though I may have to go and do some Denmark street shop....I mean window shopping ;D

It is a pain to organise though I was going to fly over, but once you factor in trains its to Schipol and then on landing into London, its pricey...

Train is not much better...

So despite not having the best experience last time due to delays I am going to get the bus...the main advantage being simple city to city travel. A few nights in a decent hotel and lots of old TCE chums will make it a perfect weekend....hangovers permitting.


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