Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I like Raspberry and Banana but Orange disagree's with me

Picked up an Orange Pi one on ebay, another cheap clone of the RPi but unlike the Banana Pi, this one seems to be a very poor copy.

Failed to recognize any of my full size keyboards, preventing me from logging in. Though I did try to use my mini wireless combination pad/key unit which almost worked though did stick on some letters.. However no matter how many times and how carefully I entered the password it failed to recognize it.

It maybe the password is not orangepi as suggested on some sites, but its impossible for me to find out since their website is down....

I think I'll have to write this one off as a not worth the effort.. The others all fired up really quick and easy with no keyboard hassles.

Oh well....I have more than enough fruit in my diet for now, and some meat in the form of a BeagleBoard XM is on the way, if it actually ever gets sent back from Canada, where Royal Mail apparently believe the Netherlands is located!!!


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