Friday, 5 February 2016

uggg not all Pi is good

To maintain some degree of independence in my targets, I have mentioned before some of the other SBC's I plan to target in the book, one of which I thought would be simple to work with. The Banana Pi, which for all intents and purposes is a Chinese copy of the Raspberry Pi with a bit of a boost.

It supposedly even runs a version of Rasbian. and is moderately popular with the SBC community because of that. Any way mine arrived yesterday and its not at all unlike the Raspberry model

It didn't come with an SD card so I had to hunt for the OS, called Rasbian of course, on the Lemaker (the makers) site. Installed it over the course of an hour hunting the right tools,  but it seems the card wasn't quite compatible, but lucky I had another and repeated..Got it working

Ok so fire up VS and VisualGBD and yes it connects no problems at all, but the libraries are not in the same places as on the Raspberry..  Its not really Rasbian, its Debian with fruit, kinda, it does not have the same layout or tools as the Raspberry, but no matter it was connecting and that's my main consideration...

And so began a hunt of epic proportions for the OpenGLES dev libs, they do exist,  I don't really know exactly where, Linux seems to have repositories on line which I assume mimic the concept of the cloud. A strange command line process called sudo apt-get install  gets them for you, so I entered the required magic runes into the console..

And it did its thing

And then it said after a while that 5 or 6 of the files could not be obtained.... and install aborted

I tried this several times..but no joy, the standard install process fails when it cannot access all the files it is expecting, and it appears a server no longer has those files...I have no control over that, and the --fix-missing option does not help.


So more hunting, more google fu, and no result by midnight. I called it a day. There are a full set of all openGL libs available which I can download and compile on the target but that's going to be a weekend of download and compile time..with relative amounts of WTF is happening moments.

What a fucking pain in the arse......seriously, Linux...why??? archaic and unreliable, I have no idea why people like this shit?

Still got a Bananaboard and a Pine A64 to review.....oh joy!


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