Saturday, 6 February 2016

So, thats how you do it.

There's a reason I don't like Linux....not just that it seems to exist only for hardcore geeks to show off their condescension skills. Its just pants. I mean utter utter pants, nothing you ever want to do is simple and easy.
This is from someone who still has fond memories of Dos 3.0 and enjoyed using line commands.
Linux is just bloody weird and has become such a subset of internalised knowledge that you have no clue what to do when you want something normal without asking some guru who will chuckle publicly are your inability to understand the relevant runes.

Anyway, I have no interest or intention of actually doing much with Linux in the book, but I do need it in order to set up some of the target machines.

My 1st non Raspberry one being the Bananna Pi, which runs a version of Rasbian, but not quite.. And  needed to install the Open GL libs...which I have to say is not a simple case of going to a website, downloading and installing...oh no, that would be just too easy.

To cut a painfully long story short, since I really don't get why people on Linux forums are so flaming obtuse...I eventually stumbled on the idea of updating and upgrading my OS...then trying the "standard" install system again which had failed miserably the 1st 20 times, I tried it.

After the upgrade though it finally worked, and I now have OpenGLES on the Banana Pi...I took the best part of 3 days worth of hunting and reformatting to do it, but I think I now have a system, which only takes 2 hours, to prep the target, that should work on the other targets (careful now, don't make statements you can't back up)

I'll try to get some actual coding done on it soon, but for now the experience has drained me and I want to finish some Z80 and C++ coding jobs I have waiting.


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