Friday, 12 February 2016

Insomnia again......

7.14am and I've not been to sleep yet, the cycle continues...I'll probably doze off on the couch where I am sat doing this, and wake up rough as fuck around 1pm...maybe 2.

It does not seem to matter how tired I am, I go to bed and just can't drop off...its very frustrating

I'd do some work on my book projects but I'd just end up getting into a groove and staying up even later,

Anyway the book is going fine 120 pages now, edited down now so that I have all the chapters laid out and the 1st set of projects and what they introduce all sorted, but still need to get the projects tested and cleaned up. I'm still waiting on a couple of the boards I ordered, though I believe they are on the way.  I haven't tried to properly do the Banana yet, beyond getting it to connect. I'll do that when I have the 1st game with graphics up and running.

I have my own version of a surface/canvas class sorted, just different enough from the old School template we used to use but the principles of a smart buffer are essentially the same, I got the double buffer framework almost done, just need to try and run a game loop through it and see how it goes. Hopefully that will let the 1st couple of games sorted  before I then do the GPU based frameworking.

Also doing some proper C++ coding for work, something I've really not done for a long time, I usually do C with classes, but for work I really need to do proper C++, kinda strange but it's started to click after a while

And Z80 is going fine too, got a great new idea to save memory and give me room to finish, it is taking a while to code but it is getting there...

ok, I'm bored now, lets see if the sleeping thing works on the couch.


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