Sunday, 4 September 2016


I've gone deaf in 1 ear...while q-tipping my ears after a shower, my ear seemed to close up.. and I am now deaf in my right ear with a horrible water in my ear sensation, and a constant whislte, as well as hearing my damn blood pulsing through...nothing is getting rid of it..

I went to the drug store and bought ear drops, but sadly I now realise I got the wrong kind, I got the pain drops rather than then wax softners.

I'll go back tomorrow to get the right stuff  In the mean time I have a new found sympathy for my bandmate Jelmer 1 who is deaf in one ear. Its a horrible sensation.

I do hope it clears up soon, the deafness and water sensation is bad enough, but the idea that I might be on a pressurised aircraft for 11 hours next week, with a blocked ear is a bit daunting.

Doctors on Monday if it does not shift

In other news, I discovered the manuscript I sent to my publishers in July bounced..but the bounce notice ended up in my spam folder. Since I wasn't using mail as much over the holidays I didn't pay any notice to the spam folder....doh!

So its a bit of a pisser, I didn't chase for feedback becuase I was so busy writing and it never really worried me.
Anyway, they've sent me a link to an filetransfer system, I will use it tomorrow, I just hope they don't have any problems with it.

Though if they do or don't, I've asked for more time, since the project arrangment is taking me so much longer than I anticipated.

Oh well, all I can do is keep working away, its still fun, though there are days when it just does not seem to work. No one said it was going to be easy :(


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