Tuesday, 18 October 2016

592 pages...but still so much to do

I really wanted to crack 600 pages tonight, but I just ran out of steam. I have written and frankly learned more about 3D maths in the last few weeks than I have ever known in 20 years. Its not a subject I enjoy, but writing it out and explaining it in ways a fat 52yo Scotsman would understand has made a lot of things clearer to me. I knew a lot of this stuff, but I didn't "know" it, however researching it has made it more clear to me. I suspect writing this book has filled in a lot of dark spots in my understanding of maths.....not all of them, its still mostly magic to me, but quite a lot of things now seem clearer/

I've still got to clean up a lot of the projects and go back into the book to make sure I've not edited the code listings too much. Beginners hate when the code in the book does not match the code on the website. But certainly for most of the 2D projects and the 3D base projects it should be fine adding code listings that users are expected to type in is a clear 50 pages.

The 2 final 3D projects, an enviroment explorer and a 1st person shooter, are not yet started but the foundation projects for them are done and looking so cool. I have never actually written anything so low level before, I've always had an engine provide me with access to graphics and entity classes, but here its all been my code, and fuck me it works :D

I might need to sit down with some colleagues though, to get a few more simple graphics and models/textures out of them to make the games a bit more interesting graphically.

Next week we have a week off, and am confident that I can spend that time to smash the 600 and maybe the 700 page barrier.

I am guessing that I probably need to write 800 pages by the middle of November, since I am quite sure I will need to edit it down to 700-750, before I hand it over to the publisher for their edits at the end of November.

I sense a home straight, I'm not quite there but its just around the corner.


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