Saturday, 1 October 2016

Week 1...92kg

Not a bad start, though mostly its due to flushing out pizza and kebabs but its still a net loss so I am pleased

Been restrictring myself to 3 small meals,  usually a small bowl of musli, or a boiled egg to start. I usually don't eat breakfast, so am surprised that doing this makes me very hungry about 30mins earlier than usual, so I've been grabbing lunch in the canteen a bit earlier.

However instead of my usual full baguette, I have been having the half baguette or the lowest calorie options,  and recently some dipping veg, carrots/celery etc with humas dups....horrible rabbit food, but its doing the job

Evening meals have been udon and seared tuna broths, , quality burgers in pita, with lettuce, and small steaks in pitta. Usually 2 times on the bounce, part of my efforts to not eat for 2 but instead to have 1 portion 1 day and the other the next. So I can't avoid buying for 2, but don't have to eat for 2.

I've succumbed to evening hunger a few times, but have had a bit of cheese and pickle or boiled egg or a small bowl of musli to avoid goiing to bed hungry. I will get some carrot sticks and dips and try to fill up on celery and carrots

Also of course been upping my excercise with brisk walks with Harvey and cardio visits to the gym,

Harvey's pleased at least


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