Friday, 14 October 2016

Ah like art me, I don't know much about it but I know what I like

We had a field trip to Den 'Haag today, a city I've been through many times but never acutally visited. Its was very nice. We went to a couple of art museums. The Gemeente Museum being a "proper" art museum where the curators were at great pains to tell me to looke after my "children". I refused and argued with the classification. They are university students, adults, not children.

And also we were told to keep quiet, even to the point of not talking about the exhibits...really don't like that kind of snobbishness. The students were discussing and in one case of an interactive maze, were laughing and enjoying the interaction, only to have a snobbish old bag, insist they be quiet and leave the exhibit....really missing the point I  thought. Art is ment to excite...not be subduede

Their big catch is a 35 million Euro, abstract piece by Piet Mondrain, the guy who did all the blocks and line paintings,...apparently it cost over 35million.................yup you can walk up and probablly touch it....though I am sure the curators will die of a heart attack..

Sorry.....I like art, I even like some abstract art...but.........not geting it, pretentious nonsense in my mind.

After the Gemeente  we went to the MC Escher, now that was talent, skill and staggering beauty. really wonderful and strange things I will go there again one day


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