Friday, 7 October 2016

Still 92kg

Not entierly surprised, I did cheat and eat a takeaway this week and nibbled before bedtime, more than once...but its ok, I am getting used to being hungry and can resist 1 in 10 times ;)

nah its ok I've done a lot more excercise and have cut out a lot of fat and carbs. I've actually even broken my bike, need to take it to the repair shop, spokes broke, think its fixable without a new wheel but it needs new brakes as well so time for a service.. All this extra effort is way more than I am used to so the weight will drop down over the weeks. Just have to keep up the long dog walks and keep eating the rabbit food at lunch  time.,

only thing I really find frustrating is the feeling of hunger after I eat...small portions suck


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