Sunday, 6 November 2016

683...I need a break

Nope, can't take a break, have to get more pages written, but it is starting to feel complete. Only the section on Physics is still in a frameowrk format, I'm hoping I can work that out next week.

This week finishing up the 2D code, pasting it in, and then clearing up the 3D work which will of course use the physics.

2 reasonably quiet weeks coming up, so hopefully will be able to devote more than 4 hours a night to it.

Ah well if its not done, its not done, I will have to extend again, I think the publishers will be impressed by the amount and quality done..

I hope :D

In other news....there may be romance in the air, or their may not, not really sure yet, been chatting online with someone and we're going to be meeting up soon. Will have to just play it by ear.


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