Sunday, 6 November 2016

oops had to kill 10 pages

I'm starting to lose the plot, I repeated a section I'd already written afew weeks ago, so I had to examine both versions and merge into 1.. lost 10 pages doing that. But was able to get them back in the session explaining a top down chase game, as a means of demonstrating environment interaction. and then twisting that into a side view platformer

There is actually a lot of repetition in some parts, not direct repeats like this, but restating a point made a few pages before, I have to edit that sort of stuff out. A point well made does not need to be restated, it can be referred to but not defined twice... Sometimes though when I pop back to finish a section now that the code for it is complete I do that in the code explination.,

That's one reason why I am aiming for 800 pages before I start to edit, I'm bound to lose 50 or more in the edit process with things like that.

Can't wait to get to 700 pages though, hoping to do that tonight when I add the code for the chase and platform games.

the other 100 "should" now come quite easy as its almost all code explinations, only the Physics stuff to really explain, and I'm using an engine so I'm not really going to get too into  the maths, just set it up, show it working and let the user get into it.

I can see the bend for the home straight, time to kick for home.


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