Thursday, 10 November 2016

700 pages....homestraight here we come

I hit 700 pages last night, wow....what a landmark.

I'm pretty much done with the writing now, really its a case of including code snippets and explinations of what they do and its done..  That almost certainly will take it up past 800. and I need to edit it down then

I printed it out the other week at 550 pages and its 2 inches thick double sided printing too...probably 3 inches now.

Flipping through it, its very nice, still a few things I need to pad out a bit, and maybe some things to drop, but it really does seem to be quite complete to me, It should take a beginner from Hello World, to Halo...not sure they'll do it in the 30 days I had originally hoped for, I added a lot of small tester projects in there to compliment the game projects so things grew...

Of course I still have to finish the projects, sometimes thats a bit frustrating becuase I really can't go into the level of quality/depth I normally do but as long as its expandable, the readers can take it to new levels.

Cannot wait to finish I can go out and do things again.


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