Sunday, 26 February 2017

Carnival, no thanks!

The southern parts of NL are currently in the grip of fancy dress salesmen and oompa music musicians, Its the closest thing to hell on earth I can imagine.

Yes Carnival is here, but I'm not getting involved, I've done it a couple of times but I guess I'm just not that into getting drunk until you fall over then get carried home by strangers and taken advantage of.

The Dutch can have their fun, as much as I want to be Dutch this is one thing I can do without, well two if you count the never ending obsession with sandwiches.

I shall be staying at home, working on my book and other projects, maybe even taking a trip to Ikea.....I need to add a couple of layers to my book case.

After losing all my writing momentum when I was ill, I seem to be back in full flow, got lots done the last couple of weeks and been starting to write it all down. Its been nice to finally see some animated models on my Pi. Next up is shadows....wish me luck :D

Not going to make my end of Feb deadline, but if I can keep up this pace I won't be far away from it.

The book is going to be finished in the next couple of weeks, or I will........there's a worrying thought.

off to bed now, as I contemplate how to optimize my frame rates...programmers..we never stop thinking about our frame rates.


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