Sunday, 26 February 2017

Toothache still there...

So after the root canal work nearly 2 weeks ago, I am still in pain, clearly the nerve is still will have to call and get a rapid appointment for more fun torture in the chair...not something I ever want to have to do again.

Its carnival time too, so not even sure the dentist will be around to do anything.

grrrr this is genuinely annoying, my worst dentist expereince just keeps getting worse.

Also my head is exploding with work, been finishing up the book with some of the more intricate and fun parts of programming,  which has meant pushing my knowledge of things I don't normally spend a lot of time with, such as model loaders and fancy lighting systems.

In one sense its fun, I am fully aware of the theory and practice of lights and shadows in a rendering system, but its not actually all that often that I have to code it, most of the time I'm using libs or firmware that really smart people write,  and this indeed is the 1st time I've had to code it on a raspberry in OGLES2.0. With interesting levels of success.

The much much slower hardware than I am used to has forced me to look for simple and clever systems to do what a PC/PS4 does with no effort at all and considerably complexity.

But as hard as it is, its actually great fun, there's no real challenge sometimes in coding a PS4, or even a Wii,U, the hardware can more than cope with my bad shader design. With the Pi, any shader with more than 10 lines in it is going to struggle. Its quite fun really, more like the old days when eeking out ever cycle mattered.

I'll post a few pics soon, of a fully lit scene with lights and animated models, I have all the separate parts working...getting them all working together though is the challenge.


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