Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Strange work habits

Im not and never have been someone who adheres to a normal work/life/sleep balance. I have always enjoyed working at night, I seem to have a lot more focus and intent when working in the small hours.
Of course the side effet is that after a few days of such efforts I turn nocturnal, Though there are some strange exceptions like now.. I worked late the other day/night, but had to get up while still am,  and the result was I was knackered all next day, and succumbed to an early night last  night at 9-30. only to wake up around 10 and then not get back to sleep...So I basically snoozed for 30 mins despite beign drop dead exhusted enough to go to bed so early.

After atempting to drop off by watching some TV I eventually realised I was awake and time to get up. I did a mass of great work, went to bed aroudn 5...work up at 9


need to have a power nap now.


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