Thursday, 18 December 2008

Another one down

Yup, yesterday(today) was my birthday, and I spent it largely by myself, but before you all go ahhh I do generally prefer it that an inveterate teen who refuses to grow up the passing of years gets harder every year. And I don't always react to it well. Its now got to the stage where saying I'm 39 is starting to stretch reasonable credibility, so I might have to go up a year.......or 2.

But on the plus side I've been helping to introduce Poker to my work colleges and organizing a pool of people who meet up at various homes and play friendly 5 euro games till chucking out time.

Last week we played at Dr Ken's place, which was good fun, Dino my collegue at IGAD won a fairly large amount of coinage from the good Doctor's change jar, on that occasion. Tonight though on my birthday we played at the bosses house, Frank, who supplied extra nibbles and beer.

I am glad to say I won and took home some folding money. Frank came 2nd, and Dino 3rd. Sadly Rob who was playing well and amassing a decent pot had to leave early and his chips were sacrificed to the bank. But I think we've managed to make several converts to the great game of Texas Hold em.

All in all a good birthday..But time for bed before my last classes of the year.

I will be heading over to the Uk on Friday for a night before going to the Canaries for a week, so probably won't be on here till after new year I'm planning a computer free week ;)

So for you few, you happy few, who dip in here from time to time, firstly , thank you for you patronage and comments. Secondly, may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year.

have fun.


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