Wednesday, 24 December 2008

chills, colds and sunburn

Hello from the sometimes sunny Canary Isles and the hotels extortionalty expensive internet kiosk so I have to make this short.
Bina has had a stinking cold for the 1st couple of days but she's starting to feel better now. The weather has been a chilly 18-22degress :D yeah I know, but becuase she feels so crap the slightest breeze has her reaching for a jumper.

But generally we've managed to find some sun in various places and as Bina is getting over her cold we're going futher afield and having a great time.

Typical pasty scot that I am, I turned bright pink at the 1st sight of a large round yellow hot thing in the sky and have repeated the process several times now resulting in a nice red shade which I am told will eitehr turn a nice shade of brown or a result in a nasty flaky effect..we'll see.

Hope you are all enjoying yur traditional chilly christmas's

I must go now, theres a sangria with my name on it.



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