Sunday, 7 December 2008

Warning Scottish people look away, Tablet on display

I was trying to explain to one of my colleagues the other day what Tablet was and realized there's really just no way I can do that, its neither toffee nor fudge but something in between thats much sweeter than either. Its made by boiling loads of sugar with sugar enriched condensed milk and butter (unsugared)..hmm healthy. Afer boiling for 30mins or so, you take it of the heat, allow to cool then stir really hard for a minute or two so that it starts to form sugar crystals while still being liquid then you pour the setting mixture into a flat buttered (hmmm) tin before it sets in your pan. Then leave to cool and go hard.

At its best it should be hard enough to bite and crunch, but as soon as it hits the wetness of your mouth it dissolves into a sweet grainy mush that is guaranteed to give you tooth decay and put on 50lbs with one mouthful.

Its a very Scottish sweet that I've only occasionally seen outside of Sconny Botland and its also unusual because home made tablet is always preferred over the few commercial brands that you can find. You'll find it at galadays, and fairs and almost certainly your local shop will have an auld biddy that supplies them with a steady supply. This was crack for kids before we had drugs.

So as everyone is bringing sweets and biscuits to work, as part of the run up to Christmas (I think) I decided I'd take some tablet to work so they can try it for themselves. If you're Scottish...don't look, close the site now. You may find the urge to go make some for yourself too overwhelming.

I just hope I can stop nibbling it before I go to the office.

hmm one more won't hurt.



Granny Jackson's said...

I can't look away... I deal with butter tablet every day! Some people here in the Realm of 'Sconny Botland' think ii've a dream job... running my own Scottish Sweets company! How did your coleagues appreciate your tablet???

Boring old Fart said...

It went down very well, strangely only one person didn't like it, but he's Belgian...perhaps if I poured chocolate over it he'd prefer it ;)

Tablet was a success, I've created some new addicts.

Granny Jackson's said...

really? one of my suppliers has just started coating their tablet with chocolate - done as an experiment but proving really quite successful!

Boring old Fart said...

nom nom nom nom