Sunday, 28 December 2008

chills, colds and no sun

We got home last night to chilly Bradford, I now have Bina's cold..thanks, and when we got back to her place it seems her niece had kindly been round and switched everything off.
Including the the place was bloody freezing, 12 hours later with the heating on all night its still chilly.

But even better, she switched off the Sky box at the all those nice Chrimbo progs we were going to watch when we got home....none recorded.

ah well at least most of them are on BBC Iplayer but Bina's mad about losing her Christmas eps of her soaps.. :D

Right off to the chemist for some proper cold meds then get some work done this week. Having no school to deal with will give me time to catch up on my DS project which I've been making some notes on during my break, want to try to get well ahead during this break. I only have a week's teaching to do when I get back then another 3 weeks to make a serious dent in the code.

Thats if this cold don't kill me first....hmm might be flu, I am a man after all and y'know how poorly we can be when we get sick.



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