Monday, 15 December 2008

House Arrest

Well it feels like it on 2 fronts

TNT tried to deliver my Passport on Thursday, but I was at the office so tried to re-arrange a re-delivery.
Unfortunately the tracking slip the driver left was unreadable, and looked like a 10 digit number instead of the 9 digits needed by the service centre to arrange for delivery.

I have the say the customer service desk were incredibly helpful, trying out multiple combinations of numbers before admitting defeat, then asked me to scan it in and send to them. Which of course I did, and the lady said she's re-arrange it for Friday once she got the scan.

So all day Friday, I'm in and waiting...nothing. Stuck there till 6 pm waiting for a package.

So again I call up the TNT hotline this time to get another even more helpful lady who also tries the various numbers approach before asking me to forward the scan to her....Which I did, and she asked me to hang on while she got it.

And here is the problem

I've obscured some of the numbers but to me that looks like 5 7 (or 3) squiggle....
and that squiggle was the problem I could not tell if that was 01 or 07 or what.

Anyway, thanks to Netty at TNT who got the scan within seconds of it being sent while I hung on the phone she recognized it as an 8...yes folks thats an 8. It seems in some parts of Holland they write the 8 I never knew that...and I still find it a little hard to accept, but at last problem solved.

So now its Monday and I'm sat in waiting for my passport to arrive. At least I am hoping its my passport and not a letter asking for further info/photos or something...that would be a real pain.

On the other front, I'm ill, wasn't able to get to sleep till 6am last night trotting to the loo most of the night...So stuck in, feeling crap and dog tired.

Nice start to the week...Still, 2 weeks Holidays starting next week :)


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