Thursday, 25 June 2009

Well that was unexpected

Its going to be all over the news for weeks so I might as well mention it here.

Michael Jackson has died...apparently, still waiting to hear the official news but it seems to be pretty certain at time of writing.

50 yo...eek I'm not that far from that.

Certainly a strange and possibly dodgy bloke but in his pomp an amazing artist so it is quite a shame.

All those poor buggers who paid a fortune for tickets to the O2 will be upset...hell the O2 management will be well out of pocket too...there will be ramifications of this for lots of people.

Ah well, I think the bloke lived in a total fantasy world his entire life so maybe in death he'll get some normality. And I have to thank him for the Thriller album, which btw I can probably recite word for word, since my brother Colin played it repeatedly non stop for weeks when he bought least he never tried to do the dancing....or the singing :D


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