Wednesday, 3 March 2010

updates are few and far between sometimes

Been a fairly uneventful week this week.
I have a lot of work at home time this academic block since I'm only teaching 1 class, so spending time at home working on the course work for that has been quite therapeutic..last block was incredibly busy so its good to get a lazy block following that.

We're all starting to turn our attention to the completion of the PSP project we've been doing as a collective school project which is now pretty much done and looking excellent, we just need our design team to produce multiple levels and a few new game twists to get it all sorted.

I'm looking into doing a DS version also, which is technically a bit more awkward due to the lack of power and texture memory, as well as making the current slightly buggy PC version viable as a commercial release (perhaps even the mac). I hope we can reveal it soon, its a really smashing little game.

Of course I want to do it on Iphone/Ipad too. It probably won't make a lot of money, though NHTV will benefit from any PSP sales since its been their student input that's driven that along. But a few quid coming in from the other versions shared between the games owner and me will be nice. (might buy a guitar bwahahaha)

In home news.
Bina has got herself a role in an amdram play with an expats theater company in Dordrecht. She's really buzzing about it, and I'm looking forward to seeing her on month Dordrect, then the world!!!

I've given up on my guitar lessons...mainly because I missed a couple when I was ill, and realized I was learning more from the jam sessions and collective need to rehearse, and of course they are cheaper, I'm still practicing everyday though and there is a definite improvement, which I hope I can maintain.

Oh and we're back to taking Dutch lessons....I better get some strepsils to deal with the inevitable sore throat as I mangle the hard and soft G's of the language.

ah well...back to the joys of PC coding.


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