Sunday, 25 September 2011

and a bit of messing

I am going to redo these vocals at some point, Though I quite like the way I did it, there were a couple of points where I pushed too hard and the autotune failed to grab it....

but anyway, here's another version of Knocking with a bass line added, I don't play bass often so it does wander a bit, off riff, and there is 1 bum note that sticks out to me..see if you can spot it...

Since this was all done multi track I can always go back and redo it...but thought posting this might be interesting to look back on the way the thing progressed.

and after a bit more mesing

beter vocals and bass on this

theres a hiss on the vocal track I found out later how to fix but I just could not get a better vocal track done and after many attempts tbh I've got bored thats it for Knocking...going to try something else. It has been an interesting experiment though. Loads of fun.


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