Monday, 19 September 2011

Getting the hang of this moosik lark.

After 1 day this is #12 in the Blues General "charts"
» highest in charts: # 30 (46,501 songs currently listed in Blues)
» highest in sub-genre: # 12 (19,996 songs currently listed in Blues > Blues General)

Quite pleased with that, I had not noticed that some of my "tunes" were actually in a chart, lol its just dawned on me, these are open to anyone who goes on that site..gulp...I thought it was just a repository to store sound clips.

Anyway, for future reference, this is Frankie, my Telecaster (I said strat on teh notes for some reason) going into my mobile board with the 808 on, but no amp, straight into the Mixer board, mixed with my voice then into Garage Band which has that nice Cm Backing track playing.
Done in 1 take after 20 or so tries to get the levels right and work out how to phrase it to suit.

Very pleased with the guitar work overall, could have done with a bit more play on dynamics, and a couple of twiddles are not really needed and hang in the air a bit, but I was singing and playing at the same time so it was more of feel thing so I left them in, I didn't do any post take edits at all, but I did add a bit of reverb and compression to beef it up.

Its all improvised as I was singing, but its very much on the theme of the original and just had to start with that opening vibrato note but after that I went with the flow, though of course a few trademark BB pings are in there ;)

Vocals are being autotuned to death by my VL 4 with a "big" persona setting to lower the tone and add a bit of depth to it...maybe a bit too much. I've finally worked out that the best way to use the VL4 is to actually try to sing in tune and to add some effects and tones to get a more naturual sound.

I've not really found a sweet spot that suits me yet, to my (and mums) ears this does not sound much like me (which is probably a good thing) but at least I've got out of the habit of setting everthing to 100...except me it needs it.

I missed out a verse cause I just could not get the phrasing on it right but its not missed that much.

of course.....nothing quite beats this amazing version....I'll keep working on it.
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