Thursday, 22 September 2011

Now that I'm a singist

Due to a lack of male vocalists at our jams I've on occasion,and only as a last resort, had to do some of the singing....I know, I know...not nice, you can see people grimace and lose their timing when I start screeching.

As you can hear from my vocal performance on recent recordings I need very heavy signal processing and a touch of after take compression to make my voice sound in anyway reasonable.

I use my VL 4 at home to fix my voice and as I get more and more comfortable with it I feel I'm getting a sound I like and will stick with it, but I don't really want to take the VL4 to jams with me, its a bit big and its now "fixed" into my home board...I'm carrying loads of gear as it is, and this was the very reason I built my mobile board, so the VL4 is not ideal to cart about.

So I have bought a singist toy which can be carried in my mobile board box, and sits by the side when in use.


A tc-halicon C1 Correction Pedal.

It does the 2 main things my VL4 does, pitch correction and persona, ie makes it the voice sound lower or higher. I don't need the VL4's harmony and other functions at the jams cos there are usually a bunch of ladies to do that... So this fits the bill prefectly

A very very quick mess about shows that it seems to work fine, I may take it to tonights jam to play with since I don't think we'll have any male singers again tonight (groan).

I'm curious to know what it can do, maybe even hooked up with the VL4 as well :D

edit....its great...worked really well indeed, I was singing along with no one wincing or running out of the room....Though in typical computers are evil fashion, I can't seem to update its firmware with the supplied software, I may have damaged it having to abort the firmware update that refused to go past 0% after 20 mins....but no worries, I'll send it for a replacement. Still seems to work I wont be in a huge rush.

edit edit...used the mac to update it...its fine...:D liking my new toy a lot, the simplicity of it is fantastic even if it does not do all the nice harmony, warmth, and other twiddles my vl4 does, it does do exactly what it needs...I'll do another Stormy Monday to compare.


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